What we offer

We provide an easy way to accept bitcoin payments for websites that charge money to become a member and view its content.

Why choose us

We provide a complex solution for accepting the payments, track and manage your customers and their subscriptions.
You can set it up in minutes. No programming required.
You receive your funds after the customer pays. We do not hold it.
No chargebacks.

How does it work

Your customer chooses an username and password to access your site on our payment page.
We create an account and add the username to a password file to your server by accessing our script on your server. We make username inactive.
After the customer pays the invoice we make his username active. If the customer does not pay the invoice, we remove the username.
You receive your money on your bitcoin wallet right after the customer pays the invoice.
The customer has access to your website until his subscription ends.
Optionally, we create an invoice for the new period and send an email with the link to the new invoice to the customer before his previous subscription ends.

How to start

Register as a merchant.
Fill up your site information (such as name, price, subscription period, bitcoin wallet to receive the payments).
Get a small code and place it on your web server.
Get your link to our payment page.